Why You Should Use The Kubaton

The principles behind kubaton use are simple. The kubaton is an effective tool whether you are attacked from the front or from behind. There is hardly a place on the body where a kubaton strike will not cause severe pain or discomfort. Even without advanced training, the kubaton is an incredibly effective weapon.

  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Concealable
  • Can be used as a visible deterrent
  • Inexpensive

Self-Defense Advantages

  • Immediate skill learning for anybody
  • Lifetime skill retention
  • Not an offensive weapon
  • Does not penetrate skin
  •   - No blood borne pathogens
  •   - No puncture damage
  • Non-lethal intent inherent in the design

Advanced Applications

  • Take-downs, Come-alongs, Standing and Ground Controls
  • Joint manipulations, from large to small
  • Targeted Striking and blocking
  • Police, Military, Personal Escorts and Professional Crowd Controllers all can benefit