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I just wanted to congratulate you guys on your Kubajitsu Kubaton Basics video! I've been to a few seminars over the years and reviewed many materials, and your 67 minutes is by far the most valuable in my humble opinion! Other alleged "expert" courses don't teach the more dangerous techniques, that while have their place and shouldn't be used lightly, would be something I personally would show a woman in regard to a serious subject like "rape defence".

Can't wait for the Professional Course!

Patrick Dent
Norfolk, GB

"My real purpose in contacting you now is to thank you for your excellent, affordable self defense kubatons. After reviewing both dvd's, I have 'retired' my S.O.G. folding knife and exclusively carry a Kuba Jitsu kubaton for personal protection and piece of mind, knowing I have a capable, versatile self defense tool without the added worry and liability of resorting to a lethal force offensive weapon should the need arise."

Larry Rotters

"Please accept my compliments for the supportive roles that both of you and Kuba Jitsu played when I participated in your Basic Instructor Certification Kubaton program session through your online academy via your agency.

You allowed me to express doubts, raise questions, and honestly participate in a frank discussion covering numerous sensitive topics. You even amended your end of exam testing to reflect some of my observations and the ambiguity (that personally I experienced with the final exam.)

You demonstrated the guidance style that other instructors rarely do. You actually listened and then engaged. Thank you for giving your time. It will pay off in a big way."

Larry E. Coates

"I like your approach to self-defense. I am a peace loving man, a professional musician. But, I wish to be prepared should I get in an undesirable situation involving physical contact with an attacker. I like your li'l grip and find that I can probably take it with me when I travel to perform. Like I said, I'm not looking out to get in a fight. I just refuse to be defenseless at the wrong time, which is sometimes late at night after I've finished playing a gig in a city. Usually, though, most of my engagements are at wineries in the Napa Valley.
Blessings to you and your wife,

Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson
Johnsong Music

"I have both the Kubaton Basics DVD and the Professional DVD.

Tom Crone does an excellent job of explaining each of the techniques in a very clear and easy to understand manner. The kubatons that are offered by Kubajitsu are top quality, and Kubajitsu has extremely fast shipping. I would highly recommend Kubajitsu to anyone interested in learning self-defense techniques and in obtaining top quality self-defense tools.

Kubajitsu offers top quality products backed by people of honor and integrity.

Dave Sizemore
Richmond, IN

"I just wanted to let you know that the DVD Professional arrived and is awesome. My wife loves it and has been taking a women's self defense class for over a year and her instructor highly recommends these. Thanks again."

Steven and Rayna Bowdre
Fairbanks, Alaska

"I recently purchased a number of your excellent products through eBay and felt compelled to write to you directly.

Your products, communications, packaging and shipping charges internationally to Australia were all excellent.

I'm am throughly satisfied with my purchases, the quality, design and performance of which are world class.

I shall both purchase from you again AND recommend your very well thought out, designed and manufactured products to all in my personal network.

All the best from Australia.

Joe Crumlin
Goju Kai Karate-Do 2nd Dan
Kendo 2nd Kyu
Sydney Australia

"After many years of continuing to carry the Kubaton and lacking current and ongoing training I purchased your Basics DVD. It was great! The DVD gave me some new insights into the carrying and use of the Kubaton that had not been part of my earlier training. And that was "The Basics"! I gained a tremendous amount from that DVD. Thanks to you and Mr. Crone for a great product! The Kubaton "Kubaton Basics" should be a part of every entering freshman college student's orientation!

Your philosophy on the instruction and use of the Kubaton espoused on your web site is truthful, realistic and fundamentally sound. I look forward to your release of more advanced DVDs showing the use of the Kubaton as a force multiplier for use in various take down holds, nerve centers and the control of an aggressor."

Fred Thomas
Tustin, CA

"I give God the Glory and a Special Thank you to my KubaJitsu Instructor, Master Tom Crone, in blessing me with these techniques and skills in which I can share with individuals in how to defend themselves with the kubaton."

Israel Rivera
Kansas City, MO

"Tom Crone's Kuba-Jitsu program is one of the fastest, easiest and fun self defense programs that I have ever tried.
Each aspect of the program is thoroughly thought out using the body's natural and instinctive movements.
I have been involved with the martial arts for almost 40 years, and as a 28 year veteran of law enforcement, I have found through real life experience what does and does not work under the stress of street combat. Tom Crone's Kuba-Jitsu method is easily deployed even under such stressful conditions.
Unlike some self defense programs that require sometimes hundreds of hours of repetitious training and practice to execute fine motor skill movements that can still get lost under rapid heart beat type conditions, the Kuba-Jitsu program uses gross motor skills which can be deployed not only with a rapid heart rate, but also with either hand, from any stance or position.
I teach Kuba-Jitsu for one reason, and one reason only: It WORKS!"

Roger Marsh
Waganakising Martial Arts Academy

"I had emailed Sensei Crone in reference to getting certified as an instructor in KubaJitsu. As the defensive tactics instructor for my department, I wanted to add a tool to our Use of Force Matrix that can be used for pain compliance applications as well as force impact.

Sensei Crone's KubaJitsu curriculum is great! It's straight to the point (pun intended) and is easy to learn and attain for students. I have even taught the curriculum to my wife and daughters. The kubaton is definitely big bite in a small package."

Jack F. Scalice
Lieutenant / Security Coordinator
Calvary Hospital Security Department

"The video was excellent, simple to understand and the techniques were very usable and very easy to do, I have my wife practicing the techniques. This is a very good program for the student with no self defense experience. Simple, Effective And Easy to retain. Thank You for your service"

Enrique Colorado SPO
Austin Police Department
Defense Tactics Instructor

"After attending Tom Crone's class, it was an easy decision for me and several other attendees to purchase the Kubaton. Tom demonstrated and helped us practice how effective a tool this is for personal self defense. I have already recommended the Kubaton to my friends for their kids who are about to leave home for college. Take advantage of having Tom & Shelley come to your office with their short and informative presentation. I hope I never need to use it, but having the Kubaton in my hand makes me feel more aware and in control of my surroundings."

Lesley Novich
Training Manager
Coldwell Banker Burnet Minneapolis Lakes

"Sensei Tom Crone has the ability to make the most difficult principles in judo seem easy and effortless. He works with both advanced and beginners with such ease and fluidity, everyone felt comfortable to try everything he presented, even though most of my students had just met him. His simplicity in teaching the Kubaton makes it accessible for anyone and everyone. We all loved his sense of humor and appreciated his openness in sharing from his vast experiences in the martial arts."

Shifu Kore' Grate, executive director/head instructor of F.E.M.A.
Feminist Eclectic/Five Element Martial Arts school

State Farm Training

"Recently my management team participated in Mr. Crone's Kubaton class. It was both informative and fun. Tom effectively integrates the personal protection topics of self-awareness with the proper use of the Kubaton through class room scenarios. Tom emphasizes "going home" safely, but also your personal responsibility for reasonable restraint. Several of my folks do not have any experience in physical sports or the martial arts but left the course with practical knowledge and more confidence. I recommend this course for self-defense and as a good team building tool. At the end of our session everyone was excited to share what they learned with family and friends."

Mat Popham
State Farm Insurance

"I just became a new distributor for Kuba Jitsu and I am excited about selling their high quality kubatons on my personal safety website.
Tom and Shelley Crone are so easy and accommodating to work with, in addition to being very fun people!
Tom has a very impressive martial arts background and surely has the expertise to promote the use of the kubaton for self defense.
Being a personal safety advocate and writer, I strongly advise every person to own a kubaton and learn how to use it for self defense. With Tom’s kubaton training DVD, it is very quick and easy to learn how to apply the kubaton for effective defense against an assailant.
For those considering being a kubaton distributor, I highly recommend purchasing these quality kubatons and developing a long term business relationship with the Crones.

Kathy Hobbs
Personal Safety Writer & Advocate