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Pepperstrike Pepper Spray

  • A Pressure Point Defense Device
  • A Tactical Holster for the Fury OC .5 oz canister
  • A Pressure Point Defense Device that also sprays Pepper Spray
  • Non Lethal Force Multipliers on each end
  • Unique Flat Edge design for Control and Escape Techniques
  • Made in the USA
  • High Impact plastic is lightweight yet tough
  • Multipurpose hole for keyring, lanyard, necklace carrying options
  • 18% OC Solution for Quick Effects
  • Sprays 15 feet in a Splatter Stream
  • 25 Shots per Canister
  • Contains a UV Marking Dye
  • Just under 5" in length x 1.25" diameter
  • Comes in 2 styles. One has rounded ends and one has a very sharp end

fury black round fury silver pointed fury red pointed

Fury Pepperstrike
$8.00 each