The Alpha Hornet (Last one)

This product was designed with law enforcement in mind. It can be used for thumb side strikes, hammer fist strikes and open hand strikes. It is not recommended for straight punches. The protrusions on the ends are for joint locks and pressure point compliance and the contoured bottom works very well for grappling techniques.

With proper training, the hornet allows for full dexterity of the hands and fingers in multiple ranges of close combat. This allows for the simultaneous deployment of other equipment or options, helping to eliminate vulnerable transition time.

This is an incredibly effective tool for Law Enforcement and civilians alike.

The Hornet is made from the same incredibly rigid reinforced polymer as our other great products.

alpha hornet

The Alpha Hornet (Last one)

1/4" thick x 1-3/4" wide x 6-1/2" long

Textured matte finish further aids in gripping holes on either end for key ring or lanyard.

Not For Sale In The UK


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