Instructor Certification Program

The Basic Instructor Certification program is a prerequisite for all advanced training certifications.

The following information provides the steps, procedures, benefits and costs of Basic Instructor Certification.
  • Fill out the online personal information form
  • Purchase a training kubaton and the video, Kubaton Basics. (59 minutes - actual class session with first time students; review sections included).
  • Pay 50% of first year certification fee. Shelley Crone will send you an invoice through PayPal.

  • We will email you a copy of the "Functional Kubaton Teaching Syllabus". This is an essential guide to teaching of the "jitsu" aspect of kubaton skills applications.

    After review of the DVD and syllabus, do the following:

  • Contact Tom Crone and let him know you are ready to take the exam.
  • Take the online examination and pass with a score of 70% or more. The test can be re-taken until passed.
  • Send a 20 to 30 minute video of you teaching an actual basics class. They can be friends, family, anyone you can get together.
  • Write a personal interpretation of your state's laws regarding the liabilities and responsibilities of the use of force in personal protection, including deadly force.

  • Your video will be reviewed, and either:

    You will pass and be certified OR you will NOT pass, and specific areas of concern will be related to you. You will be allowed two more submission attempts with corrections. There will be no extra charge for further review of submitted material, up to a total of first submission and 2 revised session reviews.

    Once passed, you will receive a certificate from KubaJitsu.

    At this time, you will pay the remaining 50% of first year certification fee.

    Classes taught under the auspices of your certification will avail your students of a card signifying their course completion. We will provide cards for you at $1.00 per card (minimum 10 per order). These cards will be signed by KubaJitsu Master Tom Crone, and have a space for your signature. You may charge appropriately for these cards or include them in your course offering as a bonus for students.

    Kubatons for classes can be purchased through our site at a discount.

    Basic Certification Fees

    • First Year: $200.00
    • Each Year Thereafter: $50.00
    Your fees will be sustained for as long as they are paid in a continuous manner. Discontinued payments will resume at whatever current rate is in effect.

    Your name and location will be listed on our site map as a Certified Instructor. If you have a web site, we will link to it as well.

    If you have further questions, please email Tom Crone or call 952-210-5600.