Tom Crone
Founder of Kuba Jitsu

tom crone

Mr. Crone is a 7th degree black belt in Kodokan Judo. He is the founder of the United States Jujitsu Association*. He has been studying and teaching judo since 1960. He began jujitsu studies as a youth in the 1950's. More biographical information is available at Crone Judo.

The kubaton is a simple and highly effective personal defense weapon, even in the hands of an untrained novice. Minimal training makes the kubaton disproportionately more effective. When the training adds simple, basic judo and jujitsu based elements, the kubaton becomes possibly the most effective protection tool anybody can carry and use, short of those designed to immediately deliver lethal results, and those can become equally lethal to the person carrying them.

The goal of Kuba Jitsu is to bring judo's maximum efficiency through minimum effort to the use of the Kubaton. The jujitsu part is all about scientific applications of the laws of physics.

There is nothing complicated about the basics. They provide amazingly effective, yet simple physical skill enhancements.

* The term jujitsu applies to the martial art of the Japanese samurai warriors, not to a form of grappling style. It is the martial art from which judo evolved, and a name adopted by various grappling styles associated with Brazilian origin.