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Kubajitsu is a family owned business providing high quality self defense products to the general public and law enforcement.
Our safety products provide personal protection to thousands of people worldwide.
We handle a full line of self defense products such as kubatons, Comtech Stingers, Griffin Grips and more.

flat kubaton
comtech stinger
Griffin Grip
griffin grip
Saf T Wrench
saf t wrench
Kuba Kickz
kuba kickz
Koppo Stick
koppo stick kubaton
Basic Training DVD
basic training dvd
Jaw Jacker
jaw jacker
Kuba Kickz Deadly Force
kuba kickz df
Pepper Spray
pepper spray
Alpha Hornet
alpha hornet
Keyp Safe Key Holder
keyp safe kubaton
Kuba Klaw
kuba klaw
Professional DVD Training
kubaton dvd pro
Letter Opener
letter opener
Monkeyfist Keychain
monkey fist key ring
Griffin Grip Deadly Force
griffin grip df
Single Finger Nuck
single finger nuck
Stylus Pen Kubaton
stylus pen kubaton
Pull Apart Key Ring
pull apart key ring
Aluminum Stylus Kubaton
aluminum stylus kubaton
Palm Wrench
palm wrench
Survival Bracelets
paracord survival bracelet